Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics Featuring Designer Eyebrows

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The Process

Society for Permanent CosmeticsYour treatment will begin with a consultation in our studio discussing your needs and explaining the process. You have the option of whether you want a natural or dramatic result. You as the client are in complete control of your treatment.

There is virtually no downtime with most of our permanent makeup treatments. You will be able to resume normal activities right after the procedure. Although minimal, slight bruising and redness is not likely and will go away after a day or so. As with any permanent cosmetic treatment expect the color to appear 20% darker and brighter than the final result. It takes approximately 4 to 6 days for the skin to heal completely and 21 days for the final color to bloom and settle.

Permanent Makeup is perfect for those who:

  • » Have difficulty applying makeup because of poor sight or unsteady hands
  • » Those allergic to any makeup
  • » Those with thin or no brows, gaps due to any reason, aging (pre & post menopause),previous permanent makeup fading or color correction, alopecia or scar correction
  • » Want to look younger, refreshed, save time, active lifestyles, want to improve definition, symetry,
  • » Beautiful, Natural and Realistic Permanent Makeup to wake up to every day

We use the highest color pigment technology available, techniques and topical anesthetics available to achieve these results for every client.

Your Beauty Is Our Happiness….

Melanie is certified in Permanent Cosmetics, specializing in the most advanced techniques in currently used.

Permanently Beautiful Work

Designer Eyebrows

Often Called "Microblading" Feathered" Hairstroke" Brows... Using tiny "micro needles" & specialty brow pigments, I create "hair strokes" that mimic your natural hair growth pattern.

It's a soft look and completely natural. A great alternative to perfect brows to enhance your look, create asymmetry, correct gaps or just enhance your brows.

Lash Enhancement
Top & Bottom Eyeliner
Full Lips
Partial Lips
Scar Camouflage
Retouches – Lips, Liner, Brows

Permanent Make-up

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