Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


  • * I am certified in Lash Extensions by the top leading eyelash brands & a Licensed Esthetician (X Treme Lashes, Minkys and Russian Volume Certifications)
  • NEESA Licensed* Commited to the very high standards of sanitation and health of your natural lashes at all times. (Carrying and current on all appropriate license insurance needed)
  • * Spending well over 200 hours in training combined and current on lash trends at all times through professional organizations and artists all over the world.
  • * Using only the highest quality of lashes & products on the market at all times. Making sure every client receives a customized look to suit THERE needs and charging according to my time & labor.
  • * I appreciate every client and your business and am very grateful!


Association of Skincare ProfessionalsLash Extensions are about you!

The curl, the length, the weight, the design to enhance your face & eye shape.

As an advance lash artist we decide on a classic look or volume lashes together depending on your needs. I relish in my ability to create perfection lash by lash. There is a lot of hurried work, incorrect placement being done and unsanitary studios where tweezers and lash pads are being reused! So be careful, it's your eye and we only have two!

Last, how you take care of your lashes is up to you. I will educate you on the ease taking care of them, but you have to do the rest when you leave the studio. Lash fills range from 2-4 weeks and it usually takes about an hour.

You can relax and rest when you needs your fills! Clients usually fall asleep.

Lashes are perfect for everyday, active, swimming, your wedding day, Holidays, photography, vacations or the aging brow and busy lifestyle that we all have. Perfect to highlight your beauty!

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